Working with audio is an art and a science. Sounds affects us all in very different, albeit quantifiable, ways. As an audio professional, I put my experience and knowledge towards helping my clients produce recordings that deliver exactly what they want their audience to hear. From the initial capture of a sound to the final release of packaged material, I offer my services in any or all of the phases highlighted below.

**I have working arrangements with several studios around Central Illinois, and also own a professional mobile recording rig to accommodate location recording.
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As artists, we have a variety of tastes and styles; and, with that, I feel that different projects can benefit from different approaches and equipment.  There are many great options available, happy to discuss.   


Whether you have tracked your 100+ track masterpiece, or you have captured a two-track recording with a guitar and a voice, I love mixing.  Nearly any files/tape you send me, I can work with. Hip-hop, rock, jazz, symphonic, R&B, pop, gospel, country...I've mixed it all.


The world of mastering is constantly evolving. I keep current on the newest technology and techniques while also aiming to retain the musicality that my clients and I work so hard to create in the recording and mixing process. Make sure the world hears your music the way you want it.